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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pregnant Valentine

It's a pregnant Valentine's Day! I would love to blame the events that have taken place so far on pregnancy. I have been getting by with blaming almost everything on pregnancy, from going to bed at 7pm, to having Peter clean Kai when he poops his pants, to requesting random meals at random times. But I am afraid this one is just me, pregnant or not. 

There were times when I did creative things for Valentine's Day, like this video (if you are expecting anything X-rated, you will be disappointed. It's a sappy holiday, don't forget!). Now read the first paragraph to figure out my excuse for not trying too hard this year. I went with the convenience of stores and bakeries. 

First I bought a chocolate fudge cake in the shape of a heart for my husband, with a cute icing drawing of a mouse...or a bear...or some other animal - it is hard to tell at this point. As I was putting the box at the dining table, it slipped out of my hands and flipped over. Thanks to my cheetah reflexes (yes, you are allowed to laugh), I immediately flipped it back, but the damage was done. (The version you see on the picture is after an extensive clean up and some poor attempts of fixing things.)

Then I opened the pack of Valentine's cards I bought for Kai's classmates. Here is what I realized once I opened them to sign - they read "No Valentine's Day would be complete without you to make it extra sweet." I don't know - is it too suggestive? Are parents going to be offended by my son claiming he finds the day extra sweet thanks to the presence of their offspring? I just got a note about other parents complaining that some children at the daycare center dare to pretend they are playing with imaginary guns. Will the card get Kai suspended on the grounds of sexual harassment? We shall see very soon. 

Finally I proceeded to the last task. I volunteered to bring heart shaped pieces of watermelon to Kai's party today. Sounded simple enough. I was quite happy to get the first pick on heart shaped fruit. I was fooled. The watermelon was overripe. The heart cutouts kept breaking into big messy sloppy chunks. The juice spilled out of it like a flood water escaping the broken dam. It covered the kitchen counter, then started running down the cabinets, dripping inside every drawer on the way down, resulting in a pink sticky pond on the floor.

It is 2pm in the afternoon. I still have the party to attend and I am making a Valentine's dinner tonight. Place your bets now on what is the chance of us ending up with last minute takeout. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I'm curious to know if any parents complained? People can be so sensitive these days!

    1. I have not heard any complaints, so hopefully they all took it well. I agree though - these days you just never know what is going to come across as offensive! Where is the sense of humor?? :-)