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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnancy Brain Syndrome

I have been suffering from what is known as pregnancy brain syndrome. My friend Sarah calls it "pregomentia". Based on the facts and observations available, I have come to a conclusion that the pregomentia is significantly more severe in the second pregnancy. I think if I ever made it to the third (which I will not, thank God), I would need to delegate our cats to take care of the house, because their mental abilities would far surpass mine at that point. 

Here is what has been happening in the past few months:

Hair washing has become a major problem. This is due to the fact that I either forget to shampoo them or I forget to rinse out the conditioner that is supposed to make them smooth and silky. I usually realize this once I am out of the shower with a hair dryer in my hand. This is also usually the time when I realize I need to leave the house in 3 minutes to go pick up the kid from daycare or to make it to the doctor's appointment.

I go to the grocery store and buy stuff. Thanks to my never ending nausea I tend to buy lots of frozen goods as I am not in shape to whip up home made meals every evening. I get home. I park the car in the garage. I run inside to go to pee. Two hours later I remember I never unpacked the groceries. I go back to the garage. I notice a pile of laundry on the floor. I sigh and load the washing machine. I go back to the house and ponder if a cup of coffee will make me violently ill. I decide it's not worth it and go empty the dishwasher. I eat a banana. I hear the buzzing of the washing machine and remember the groceries in the car.

A lady on the pregnancy forum I participate in says she craves ramen noodles all the time. I suddenly need ramen noodles. It's almost time for dinner. Instead of heading to the supermarket (by "heading" understand "send Peter") I opt for a healthier option of local Chinese food. I pull up their menu and spend 20 minutes deciding whether I want chicken noodle soup or lo-mein. I finally make up my mind. I close the menu and reach for the phone. As I do, I notice the kid. I remember he probably needs to eat something too.

Those are a few examples from my current life. Every day I remember I need to do something. Immediately I get distracted by something else. The something that needed to get done gets forgotten. The something that distracted me also gets forgotten, as something else distracts me shortly after. Day after day after day. And that's pregomentia for you.

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