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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My New Word Affair

Municipal Prague Library

I have some pregnancy related news and some pregnancy non-related news to share. In the pregnancy related news, I am almost 16 weeks along and I have not thrown up in about 20 days. I would love to be all joy and rainbows about it, but the first half of those 20 days I felt sicker than while throwing up (if you feel like that does not make sense, don't worry, not many things in pregnancy do) and while the nausea has eased up a little bit since then, it is still with me all day long and it still manages to make my life difficult and my mood miserable.

But I am currently off all the medication and after three months without vegetables, I have been eating salads obsessively in the last few days. My belly now enters the room before the rest of me (especially in the evenings). The pre-pregnancy jeans that I wore over the Christmas suddenly don't fit, and not just in the "I am not quite comfortable in them" way, but in the "I can't zip them up if my life depended on it" way. I think I have felt the baby several times, but it could have very well been just gas. It's hard to say. I remember how excited Peter and I got one day while I was pregnant with Kai, because I suddenly discovered a little bulge on my stomach that was not there before. We were pushing on it gently and lovingly, until I went to the bathroom and pooped, which made the bulge disappear completely. We agreed that was the most loved piece of excrement in the whole wide world.

In the pregnancy non-related news, I have a new title besides "Housewife of Central Coast". A few months ago, I joined a local organization called SLO NightWriters. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1988, and their mission is to advance quality writing, promote publication, and expand author recognition. I have stumbled upon their web-site while looking for a local writing contest. Through them I learned about the Central Coast Writers'Conference - the first writers' conference I have ever attended. One thing lead to another and last month I have joined the SLO NightWriters Board as a new Member-At-Large. 

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. My main responsibility is to serve as a liaison between members and the Board. I am there to listen to members' suggestions and concerns and make sure that the Board is aware of any issues. As a part of providing a better service to the members, I have joined a few other folks in keeping the SLONightWriters Facebook page up to date and filled with interesting info. Whether you are a member or not and regardless to where in the world you live, you are more than welcome to join the Facebook page (and the SLO NightWriters) and participate in our community. I would love to see that place buzzing with activity, so don't hesitate, "like" the page and share with us! 

Here is the scary part. I will be writing a monthly column for the newsletter. I will also be writing other pieces that might be featured in the newsletter. And I am terrified. Excited, but terrified. The more I learn about the members of the SLO NightWriters, the more impressed I am with their credits, their creativity and their accomplishments. In comparison, I am a beginner writer without a formal (or informal, for that matter) literary education, and writing in a second language. I want to make a great first impression and then I want to keep going without dropping the ball. Which is why I am terrified. But it's also exhilarating, knowing that I have gotten to this place with nothing but a big dream, love for words and taking one step at a time, scribbling away, hoping that one day the words I write will please another person's soul. And I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the ones who have been there and have done it.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope this love affair will last for a long time.

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